Blackboard Online Orientation

Blackboard Orientation

Blackboard Orientation

This Orientation is designed to inform you of information you may be required to know for taking an online or hybrid course at Southeastern Technical College. It will give you some online facts, online attendance information, expectations of taking an online course, proctored event requirements, Blackboard tutorials and/or how-to videos, STC's policies and procedures for online courses, and a Technology Quick Access Handout. Note that your instructor may have a Blackboard Online Orientation Quiz located in your blackboard course that you will be responsible in taking.

Just the Facts

Online Facts

Although you may not currently be a distance education student at Southeastern Technical College, it is highly likely that in your time here you will encounter an online or hybrid course.  Because of this fact, it is important that you start as soon as possible in orienting yourself to the world of distance education!

Here are a few important facts:


List of Requirements

Online Requirements for Taking an Online Course


Expectations vs Reality

Online Expectations

One of the best ways of preparing yourself for an online course is to accurately set your expectations for the course.  Although it will be crucial that you learn your individual instructor's expectations (no two instructors are the same), there are some general expectations that apply to all online courses.


Attendance Works

Online Attendance

Read the Online Southeastern Technical College Attendance Procedure for information on attendance requirements for online courses.


Proctored Event Requirements (Requirement for all Online Students)

In order to validate student identity for all online courses, students enrolled in online courses are required to complete one proctored event (a major exam, assignment, or presentation, etc.) per online course on campus. Students must attend one of the scheduled proctored sessions and will need to make arrangements with work, childcare, etc. The event will count a minimum of 20% of the course grade, and will be reflected as such on the course syllabus.   Proctored events should be completed after the 65% point of the semester.

The proctored event will be administered on separate days—once on the Vidalia campus and once on the Swainsboro campus.   Students must attend one of the proctored sessions as scheduled on the Lesson Plan/Course Calendar. The event will be monitored by the instructor or by an approved proctor.

Students who do not complete the proctored event as scheduled must submit a valid documented excuse within three business days after the scheduled event. If the excuse is approved by the instructor of the course, students must make arrangements with the instructor to makeup/reschedule the missed event. The penalty and makeup instructions will be at the instructor's discretion

Students who do not complete the proctored event on the scheduled date and do not present a valid documented excuse within three business days of the scheduled event will be given a zero for the proctored event.

Please refer to the Proctored Event Requirement in your course syllabus, Southeastern Technical College Catalog and Handbook, the online course links in Blackboard, and the Online Course Orientation for more information.

The required proctored event dates and times for your class will be located on your syllabus.

Below is the Proctor Scheduling and Approval Form if you are more than 75 miles from any of the Southeastern Technical College campuses exam locations and will be taking the exam at an approved off-campus location.

Select and print this Proctor Scheduling and Approval Form.


How To

Blackboard Tutorials and How-to Videos

All of these links and videos will open into a new window.

Blackboard is a web‐based course learning management system (lms) used by faculty and students in colleges and universities to host courses to students. You will use Blackboard to locate all information for your online classes, take tests, check your grades, submit assignments, etc. Even though a Blackboard App does exist, do not use Blackboard App for taking tests or submitting assignments. Be aware that Blackboard courses are not available until the first day of the semester.

Blackboard courses for Southeastern Technology are found on the school website - mySTC menu. Students must login with their provided credentials.

Following the steps in the Technology Access document to Login:

When contacting STC's Blackboard Point of Contacts, please use to send an email to Ms. Gina Robison, Ms. Sonya Wilson, and Ms. Stephanie Moye. 

For login or Office 365 issues, please click this link to help you get started in solving your login problem.

How to submit to Discussion Boards - Select this Blackboard Discussions link. This video is provided courtesy of the Blackboard company.  Your actual discussion board may vary in appearance slightly, but the content of the video is a good example of what to expect and how to use the discussion boards you will have in online courses.

How to Submit an Assignment - Select this Blackboard Assignment link. Some instructors may not require assignments/drop boxes in this method.

Taking a Test - Select this Blackboard Tests link. (You may have to navigate down just a little before you see the video.) Some instructors may test in external learning environments such as MathXL,TestOut, CourseMate, MindTap, SAM, etc.

Common Issues in Blackboard - Select this Blackboard Help for Common Issues link.

Access the information you need, the way you need it!

Have you ever accessed a file in your course that was difficult to read, or you wish came in a different format? Now, Southeastern Technical College uses Blackboard Ally in your blackboard course. You can download alternative formats directly from your course by clicking the gray arrow next to the document title.  Ally can provide alternative formats for these file types: PDF files, Microsoft® Word files, Microsoft® Powerpoint® files, OpenOffice /LibreOffice files, Uploaded HTML files, and more.  Select this Ally Alternative Format Help link for information on how to access the alternative formats.  This site is provided courtesy of the Blackboard Company.  Your actual ally alternative format screens may vary in appearance slightly, but the content of the site is a good example of what to expect and how to use the alternative formats you will have in online courses. 


Policy and Procedures

Southeastern Technical College's Online Course Orientation Student Policies and Procedures

These can be found by selecting this policies and procedures link.

The policies and procedures will provide information on the the following:



Technology Access

For a quick guide to all STC Technology website addresses and login information, please use the Technology Access document.

You may select this Technology Access link for quicker access.

Please note that your instructor may have a Blackboard Online Orientation Quiz in your course that you will be responsible for taking. This quiz is based on the orientation information you have been given here in this presentation.