Thank You for Contacting Technical Support

1. Make sure you are entering your credentials correctly for MySTC. Your username is your student ID followed by An example of a valid student username is If this is your first time logging in through MySTC you will have to activate your account. The following video will walk you through this process.

Click Here for the Initial Sign On Video

2. If your password does not work but you have successfully logged into MySTC in the past you will need to recover your password. Use the following video that has instructions on how to recover your password

Click Here for the Forgot Password Video

3. If you need assistance with any of the following you will need to submit a picture of your driver ’s license or STC Photo ID and a picture of hand-written note requesting account assistance. On the note include your full name, statement describing your request and Student ID Number. I will not be able to assist you without this info and these documents must be submitted using the secure DropBox link below, they will not be accepted through email. You must also email me after you complete this step so that I know your files are in the DropBox.

After you complete these steps you need to email me at and note in the email you have completed step 3 so that I know you have uploaded the requested documents. I will reply to that email with a temporary password. If you do not email me I will not know you have uploaded the requested files.

Please use the secure DropBox link below to submit these documents. DO NOT email them.

Click Here to Add Files Securely via DropBox

After you have completed Step 3 and have received your temporary password from the IT Department

Please review this video if you have never logged into the MySTC single sign portal Click Here for the Initial Sign On Video

Once you are familiar with the initial sign on procedure please visit MySTC Single Sign On Portal to set a new password. When prompted to enter your old password you will enter the temporary password given above.

Selecting Alternate MFA Methods

Please review this video for instructions on selecting alternate MFA options that you have setup for your account.

Click Here for the Alternate MFA Options Video

How to clear Browser History

If you receive error messages during Logins, you may need to clear your browser’s cache.