In the event of an accident/injury, other medical emergency, or crime-related incident, the nearest instructor or staff member and an administrator and Security should be notified. It should be noted that this procedure is in no way meant to prohibit or impede the reporting of an emergency directly to the appropriate party (i.e., police department, fire department, ambulance, hospital, etc.).

Professional emergency care, if needed, will be secured by an administrator. As a nonresidential institution, Southeastern Technical College expects that the student will normally secure medical services through a family physician.

In the case of a serious accident or illness, the College will refer the student to the nearest hospital for emergency care and will notify the student's next of kin. It is to be understood that the student or the student's family will be responsible for the cost of such emergency care. If a crime has been committed, the administrator on duty, the Director of Safety and Security will call the local police department.


In the event of an accident/injury, other medical emergency or crime-related incident involving a student, visitor, or employee at Southeastern Technical College, an Incident Report Form must be completed for any and all accidents or crimes occurring on campus. The Incident Report Form can be found on the Intranet. The report should be returned to the Office for Student Affairs.