Adjunct Faculty Orientation

Adjunct faculty members are required to complete the online Adjunct Faculty Orientation session prior to the start of their teaching assignment. The orientation explains the college's mission and learning centered college philosophy and also provides an opportunity to learn about policies and procedures.

Adjunct faculty are assigned a full-time faculty mentor, who will serve as a point of contact for questions/advice on navigating the systems, processes, and culture of the College. All adjunct faculty are required to complete the checklist containing the following information with their faculty mentor.

     Accessing Rosters in BannerWeb
     Adjunct Email
     Adjunct Voicemail
     Completing IT Help Desk Requests
     Electronic Withdrawal Forms
     Emergency Procedures
     Information Delivery System (IDS) also known as Remote Lab Access (RLA)
     Location of mail boxes
     Location of Copier/How to Use Copier/Copier Code/Duplicate Request Form
     Reporting No Shows
     Student Accommodation Requests
     Early Alert forms
     Program Standards required by TCSG
     Syllabi and Lesson Plans
     S Drive—Adjunct Info Folder
     Library Services
     Work Ethics
     FERPA
     Academic Dishonesty
     Attendance
     Classroom Policies and Student Conduct
     Safety and Housekeeping Rules/Expectations
     Semester Calendar
     Time Sheets
     Adjunct Classroom Observation
     Student Evaluation of Courses
     Harassment Prevention
     Grievance Procedures
     Warranty Policy
     Grading/Record Keeping
     Security
     Weapons Policy
     Tobacco Use
     Drugs
     Student Organizations
     Tutorial services available at STC