Each part-time instructor is responsible for providing organized, up-to-date, and meaningful instructional activities, which allow students to meet instructional competencies as outlined in the course curriculum. Also, a caring attitude toward student success and a demonstration of intellectual insight and integrity representative of SOUTHEASTERN TECHNICAL COLLEGE are expected at all times.



    1. An approved curriculum format is used.
    2. Varies teaching methods according to individual needs.
    3. Utilizes student evaluation forms and /or tests for student achievement.
    4. Demonstrates effective training techniques.
    5. Displays adequate knowledge of subject area.
    6. Displays effective interpersonal skills with students.
    7. Stays on task: Utilizes time available.
    8. Selects student instructional materials.
    9. Develops teacher made instructional materials where necessary.
    10. Maintains ethical standards, i.e. student confidentiality, honesty, etc.
    11. Maintains student records in an orderly manner.
    12. Records and reports student grades and attendance.
    13. Projects instructional resource needs.
    14. Provides for safety and first aid needs of students.
    15. Provides an appropriate learning environment.
    16. Organizes lab and classroom with instructional resources available.
    17. Maintains current facilities and equipment.
    18. Maintains and utilizes student follow-up and program evaluations.
    19. Maintains positive interaction with other instructors and professional staff making an effective team member.



    1. Enhance the mission of the institution by demonstrating a willingness to work as a team player.
    2. Comply with the policies and procedures of Southeastern Technical College and the Technical College System of Georgia.
    3. Maintain confidentiality.
    4. Arrive at work on time.
    5. Demonstrate professionalism in contact with students, co-workers and the public.
    6. Display cooperative, supportive and professional behavior toward colleagues and the administration.
    7. Recognize and respect the line between professional and personal relationships with students.
    8. Demonstrate willingness to be of service and exhibit pleasant and courteous behavior toward customers (students, parents, employers, and media), organizational co-workers and other public contacts.
    9. Perform other duties as assigned by the immediate supervisor.