When an instructor has to be absent, he/she should notify the supervisor as quickly as possible. The receptionist and/or the administrator on duty should be notified as well. If possible, the Instructor should give plenty of time for a substitute to be found or provisions made for students to be contacted. When the administration does not have sufficient notice, the class may have to be canceled. If your class is canceled, you need to make a good faith effort to make it up another night. Additionally, if instructors know in advance that they will be absent, inform students at the beginning of the semester and make appropriate plans for make up at that time.


Instructors are asked to be in the classroom at least ten minutes before class starts. Instructors may also be expected to stay a few minutes after class is dismissed as appropriate. This will give students an opportunity to ask questions which otherwise might not be asked in a classroom setting. Scheduled class time should be respected and not abused. Begin on time, allow breaks as scheduled, and continue class until the scheduled ending time. Each student is entitled to every opportunity for instruction. Night classes especially tend to have less time than day classes. Students are usually given a break about halfway through the class or at the discretion of the instructor. Please follow this procedure, keeping in mind that instructional time should not be shortened by extended breaks.


912-538-3132 Vidalia Campus 478-289-2322 Swainsboro Campus
Please reserve if you plan for your class to use.


Everything which has been given to you for your use, i.e., teacher’s edition of textbook, grade book, etc. remains the property of Southeastern Technical College. Certain materials that are course specific must be returned when the course is ended. Other materials are to be returned if you are not returning for the following semester. If you need materials ranging from scantrons to dry erase markers, see the Academic Affairs Secretary, a Dean of Academic Affairs, or the administrator on duty.


Prior to the end of the course, usually the eighth or ninth week of the semester, each student will be asked to complete an evaluation of the course and your teaching. These evaluations will be completed in the classroom if computers are available, or the instructor may send the students to the library to complete them. The summary results of the evaluation will be shared with the instructor prior to or at the beginning of next semester. Supervisory evaluations will also be done during the semester. The results of these evaluations will be shared with the instructor by the supervisor.


If you have large duplication jobs, please submit these jobs to the library along with the Duplication Request Form at least two days before the class. Instructors should not leave their rooms to make copies. Items that can be duplicated without producing more than 15 sheets of paper can be copied on the copier in the workroom. Should you make your own copies, see your mentor or supervising dean for the adjunct copy code. The Duplication Request Form can be found on the Intranet under College Documents, Forms.


The combination to the lock on the workroom in the main building on the Vidalia campus is 3-5-4-1-2. The workroom is off limits to students. Please do not share the door combination nor allow students into any workroom on any campus.