You may drop or add classes online the first three days of the academic term via your Banner Web account. If you are trying to add a class for which you have not previously been approved by your advisor, you will need to see your advisor for clearance.

You may ADD classes to your schedule at any time the first THREE days of the academic term. Just remember that if you add a class to your schedule after the first day of the semester that any time missed up until that day will be counted toward the 10% you can miss for the semester. In order to make up for work that has already been missed, you will be given the same amount of days to complete this work as the amount of days you registered late. This is in addition to keeping up with the work assigned each day. If you do not complete the work during the time period, you will be given a zero for any assignments due.

You may DROP classes from your schedule at any time the first THREE days of the academic term. When courses are officially dropped, you will receive a 100% refund of applicable tuition and refundable fees. To initiate a drop, you must:

    1. Meet with a Counselor in the Office of Student Affairs to obtain a Withdrawal Form.
    2. Meet with Financial Aid to ensure that the dropped course(s) will not affect full-time or part-time status.
    3. Submit the Withdrawal Form by the close of business on the third instructional day of the semester.

The first 3 days of the semester means: the first day of classes for the semester listed on the STC Academic Calendar, plus the next two business days. To be eligible for a drop, classes (including those that meet for the first time on the 4th day of the semester or later) must be dropped within the first 3 instructional days of the semester.

On the 4th instructional day of the semester, all courses for which a student is registered will become a permanent part of the student's academic record, and the student will be held accountable and financially responsible for such courses.

The student is solely responsible for submitting a Withdrawal Form by the close of business of the 3rd instructional day of the semester.