Student Identification/Student IDs

Students will be required to wear the issued student ID card at all times while on any campus of Southeastern Technical College. The student ID card must be displayed on a breakaway lanyard provided by STC and worn around the student’s neck. The displayed student ID card will allow students to use any STC facility, to include computer labs and libraries. Any individual who does not possess a student ID card while on campus must report to the receptionist area in the following locations to receive a visitor’s pass (visitors must log in with name and address and show a photo ID card to receive a pass, they must also log out upon departure):

   Vidalia Campus
Main Building - Student Services Area
Gillis Building - Receptionist Desk

   Swainsboro Campus
Building #1 - Student Services Area
Building #2 - Academic Affairs Office

Instructors will require a visible student ID card for entrance into the classroom on a daily basis. Students who do not possess their student ID card will be required to go to the receptionist area in one of the above listed locations and receive a visitor’s pass for the day or leave campus to retrieve the student ID card.

Students may be exempt from wearing his/her student ID card in some instances. For example, students who are participating in lab activities where the instructor determines the displayed student ID card will present a hazard may remove the student ID card while performing the lab activity.

Students will be required to pay a $10.00 fee for replacement student ID cards and a $2.00 fee for replacement lanyards.