Checklist for First Day of Class

  Instructors must be sure to cover all information including ”Information to Share with Students” on the previous page of this handbook.
  Introductions—Introduce yourself to class.
  Roll Call—Call the roll from the roster that you printed from BannerWeb or that was provided by your mentor. Mark “No Shows” with NS on roster.  A no-show is a student who does not attend class or make any attempt to contact his or her instructor during the first three days of the academic term.  Add to your roster any student who provides a copy of the registration form.  If he/she has no form, send student to the Registrar’s office.
  Sign-in roster—Also have students sign in.  (This will provide a check for your roster.)
  Student Packet—Instruct students to review the Information and Policies Packet under the Library link on STC’s website.  Afterwards, students should print and sign the Acknowledgment of STC Policies and Procedures form and turn it in to the instructor.  This form is located right below the Information and Policies Packet under the Library link.
  Syllabus—Give out the syllabus covering the name and meeting dates of the class and books/materials required.
  Attendance Policy and Procedure—Go over attendance in detail.
  Grading Policy—Go over the STC and class grading policy and put on the syllabus
  Academic Dishonesty Policy—Go over the academic dishonesty policy.
  Warranty Policy—Go over the warranty policy.
  Classroom Rules and Procedures—Give information concerning classroom safety, housekeeping, dress code, etc.
  Emergency Procedures—State procedures to be used in emergencies.  See the Safety and Security Manual and emergency flip charts located in each classroom and lab for all emergency procedures.  BE SURE TO POINT OUT EMERGENCY EVACUATION ROUTE THAT IS POSTED IN EACH CLASSROOM.
  Drug-Free Policy—Inform students of the drug free policy.
  Weapons Policy—Inform students of the weapons policy
  Work Ethics Assessment—Inform students of the expectations and procedures for assessing Work Ethics, if appropriate.    Note-- If the course you are teaching is the designated work ethics course, it will be indicated on your Syllabus. 

Course Syllabi

Each course that you teach has an official approved Course Syllabus with Lesson Plan.

Your Mentor will be able to provide you with a copy of your course syllabus.