Visitors are encouraged to visit Southeastern Technical College. Any student desiring to bring a visitor to class must gain permission from both the instructor and the administration. Any visitor needing to contact a student must see the receptionist who will have a member of security locate and inform the student. Visitors are NOT to go to any classroom unless directed by security. We ask that visitors not interrupt any class unless there is an emergency. Even then the visitor needs to be accompanied by a Security Officer before interrupting a class. Instructors should report any interruptions by unauthorized persons to their supervisor.


Children are NOT to be brought to class or left to wait in halls or atrium while students are in class. Employers do not allow children in the workplace, and it is the policy of this College to follow their practices. Instructors should report any infractions to their supervisor.


Eating and drinking are allowed only in the Student Center or outside the building. Snacks, drinks, or chewing gum should not be taken into the classrooms or hallways. Occasionally, instructors would like to celebrate an occasion such as at Christmas with students. Instructors must receive approval from their supervisor or administrator before having food or drinks in classrooms. It is the instructor’s responsibility to make sure this policy is enforced in the classroom for which he/she is responsible.


Students at Southeastern Tech are expected to dress and groom themselves in such a way as to reflect neatness, cleanliness, professionalism, and good taste. Jewelry such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces should not be worn in the shop areas where safety would be compromised. Extremes in dress and grooming should be avoided. With this in mind, students should dress in an appropriate manner. Dress should reflect that normally worn in the occupation for which students are being trained. The following items or similar attire will not be allowed on the campuses:

Short or tight shorts Tank/Halter tops Bare midriffs
Short or tight dresses Tube tops Hats/caps in the buildings
Swimsuits Pajamas Bare feet
Underwear above pants Mini Skirts Bedroom shoes

Students shall not wear, or use emblems, insignias, badges, or other symbols or lewd or vulgar words where the effect thereof is offensive to a reasonable person or otherwise causes disruption or interference with the orderly operations of the college. Certain program areas may have additional dress codes due to safety or other requirements.


Students should stress to family, friends, and others that there are no provisions for the receipt or delivery of personal messages, flowers, etc. Classes will not be interrupted by the public address system for this purpose. A courtesy phone is located in the lobby of the main campus in Vidalia and in the student center at the medical building on the Vidalia campus, for students to use. Should a bona-fide emergency occur, such as a death or serious injury, every effort will be made to notify students. The person calling must state the nature of the emergency.

Note: Not all campuses have a courtesy phone for students to use.


Instructors should remind students of locations and suggest that students avoid frequent bathroom breaks during class.


Remind students that it is their responsibility to have books, supplies, and materials that they will need for class. Don’t expect the class to wait on students to catch up because they didn’t purchase their supplies or bring them to class.


Any incident involving the security of a student, faculty, visitor, lab equipment, or the building should be reported immediately to the security guard, the receptionist, or an administrator.


The President, or designee, may alter the business and class hours if conditions exist that may threaten the health, safety, or welfare of students and personnel. Should the school be forced to close due to inclement weather or other circumstances, the following radio and television stations will be contacted. Notifications will be posted on the STC website, STC Facebook page, and STC Twitter page. Students, faculty, and staff are to listen to the radio and television stations listed for updates/decisions regarding announcement of closure: WTNL (Reidsville); WYUM (Vidalia); WTCQ (Vidalia); WVOP (Vidalia); WBBT (Lyons); WTOC (Savannah – TV Channel 11); Northland Cable (TV Channel 13); TV 46 (Cable Channel 19, Non-Cable Channel 46); WJBF-Channel 6 (Augusta); WQZY (Dublin); WMAZ-Channel 13 (Macon); WJAT & WXRS (Swainsboro); WHCG & WBMZ (Metter); WPEH (Louisville); WHKN (Millen/Statesboro).


Except in emergency situations, classes are to meet according to the established schedule. Any deviation will be cleared with the administration prior to the change. Students and instructors will be notified. Area radio and TV stations will be asked to inform the public of any school closings.